Residential Plumbing & Drain Services

Ensuring a Well-Functioning & Efficient System in Your Home

Residential Plumbing & Drain Services

Aging galvanized steel pipe corrodes internally long before failure, impeding water flow, and imparting a metallic taste in your water. Undiagnosed leaks can lead to higher water bills, mold issues, and costly repairs. At The Drain Doctors, we have everything needed to provide critical plumbing repairs, maintenance, replacement, or installation in your home.

  • Ask The Drain Doctors

    If you’re seeing any of these signs, reach out to us and we can send an expert to diagnose your issue.

  • Problem solved & peace of mind

    We ensure the immediate problem is fixed, but we help you understand how to implement a long-term solution.

Some of the residential plumbing services that we offer include:

  • Water Main leak detection & repair
  • Pressure Reducing Valve installation and repair
  • Sewer line, septic system, and backflow valve installation & repair
  • Drain cleaning, pressure jetting, unclogging
  • Gutter downspout drainage systems, French drains, dry wells

Are you experiencing a plumbing emergency in your home?

No problem! In addition to our flexible scheduling, we also offer 24/7 service so that we can show up at your location as soon as possible and quickly address the issue.

For more information, and to obtain your free estimate, contact us today at (425) 337-0735 and speak with a friendly and helpful representative!


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Each and every employee you talk to is a direct employee & representative of The Drain Doctors, we do not outsource any of our business operations. We are a happily owned local plumbing company that is proud to assist you in any way that we can. We look forward to hearing from you today!

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