Prepare your home for inclement weather

If heavy rain leads to standing water or flooding in your home or yard, a stormwater drain or catch basin may be the solution.  When the Drain Doctors design a stormwater drainage solution, we naturally divert the flow of stormwater away from your property and into a catch basin that collects the water and drains it in an appropriate location.

Stormwater drains are especially important if paved areas around your home or your hard are collecting large amounts of pooling water. If that water is not diverted away from the home, it can eventually find its way through the foundation walls or begin eroding the soil underneath concrete slabs. The Drain Doctors will diagnose the problem and create a drainage solution that is cost-efficient and effective for years to come.

Warning signs that you may need a stormwater drainage solution:

Standing water on hardscape driveway, walkways, or patio

Pooling water in the landscape

Overly saturated soil or lawn


Water seeping into the basement or crawl space


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