Damaged Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Replacing or repairing the main sewer line to your home used to be a major undertaking that required multiple contractors and sacrificed paved concrete and landscaping to gain access to the pipe. The Drain Doctors can often use a minimally invasive trenchless sewer line repair system. With The Drain Doctors, your sewer line replacement will be done quickly, cost less, have minimal impact on your landscaping, and use durable materials to stand the test of time!

Trenchless Sewer Repair
Our trenchless technology allows for an entire section of a broken or damaged sewer line to be replaced by running a resin-coated pipe liner through the old pipe. The result is a brand-new sewer line that cures in place in a matter of hours.

Pipe Bursting
In some cases, we use a “pipe bursting” method to replace the sewer main that runs a new pipe through a deteriorating pipe. The new pipe has a specially designed head that fractures its way through the existing pipe, leaving the displaced pipe fragments to naturally disintegrate in the surrounding soil.

In each of these methods, the new sewer pipes are much more durable and trouble-free than the materials used in past eras of construction.

In many cases, a home inspector identifies damaged sewer lines during a sewer scope as part of a home inspection in a real estate transaction.

Signs of a damaged sewer pipe:

Sewer gas odor

Slow drains

Drain clogs or backups

Low water pressure

Signs of water damage, including mold or mildew

Wet and foul-smelling yard

Extra green and lush grass patches

Foundation cracks or settling concrete slabs


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